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General Slavonic Help

Although Church Slavonic can be a challenge, the good thing is that it is a phonetic language; virtually every letter is pronounced. With a few exceptions most letters retain the same sound regardless of usage. The beginner can learn to pronounce words by simply sounding out every letter.


Diacritic Marks

Church Slavonic makes extensive use of diacritic marks. These markings indicate pronunciation and grammatical information about words.

Stress Marks

Stress marks indicate which syllable should receive slight vocal emphasis. Stressing the proper syllable in Church Slavonic is very important.

For the beginner hearing and vocalizing the stressed syllable can be difficult. Listen closely to the audio versions of prayers this site and in the E-Tutor. Develop the habit of proper stressing from the outset even though it will seem very ackward and forced at first.


Service books make extensive use of text abbreviations called "titlos". Abbreviations must be memorized. Abbreviated words are typically those of significant persons (the Theotokos, Our Lord, etc) or concepts ( heaven,pray,holy,ect.).

Abbreviation marks take several forms. Also view a printable list of abbreviations in gif format. Pdf Abbreviations

All online prayer texts in this site have no abbreviations to make it easier for the beginner to learn the prayers.

Voicing (breathing) Symbol

Voicing signs are a holdover from Greek and serve only as decorative elements.

The Lord's Prayer With Abbreviations



Lord's Prayer With No Abbreviations