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How E-Tutor Works

The E-Tutor takes a simple approach. Common prayers are displayed in Church Slavonic as they appear in service books with an accompanying audio track broken down into short phrases. Short phrases make it easier to repeat words and hear vocal nuances. The audio track is activated by placing the cursor on a phrase and clicking with the mouse.

The E-Tutor includes the Slavonic Alphabet with English letter equivalents as well as explanations of a few basic rules one must know in order to read it. At this stage the E-Tutor does not provide help with grammar or word definitions.

Many users will simply want to memorize the prayers rather than learn to read Slavonic. The E-Tutor will make this process much easier since the audio track can be repeated over and over until one masters the prayer. The E-Tutor does not use transliteration to assist in word pronounciation.

System Requirements

Sound Card and Speakers!

Here's  Macromedia's List:


              IBM-compatible PC Pentium+.
              Windows 95/98, NT 3.51 or Windows NT 4
              VGA with 8-bit color (256 colors) or greater
              8 MB RAM/6 MB free disk space
              Netscape : 2.x or 3.0 (or compatible) or IE 3.0
              Streaming audio Pentium or equivalent