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Version 3.0 for Windows

Effective July 2006 this program is now free to download.
The CD version is no longer available for sale.


  Once You've Downloaded The Program:

  • Choose a directory you want the program downloaded to. I suggest creating a download folder. The file name you will dowload is called ETutor3.exe.
  • Once downloaded, find the file and double click. An self-extract window will open. Click extract. (You can change the directory if you wish)
  • Program will extract and create an ETutor directory with all program files in it.
  • Go to the newly created ETutor directory. Double click the ETutor folder. You should see a folder called xtras. Do not remove or move any of these files, infact you don't even need to look in the folder. Also you will see the etutor3 application, a Readme file (read it) and a shortcut called Play ETutor.
  • Drag Play ETutor icon to the Desktop. This will give you easy desktop access to the etutor3.exe program.
  • Double click the shortcut or the etutor3 application to run the program.








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