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Why Order
The CD?
  • Full version of the Etutor program.
  • No long downloads.
  • All supplemental materials included:
    • Definitions
    • Alphabet
    • Abbreviations
    • Grammar
  • Mp3 audio of all prayers.
  • PC version contains standard audio
    files of all prayers playable on any
    CD player.






Version 3.0 for Windows and Mac

You must register first in order to download the full version. Once you register you will be directed to a link to download the full version.

Windows Directions:

  • Select this link Register Online  or the one below.
  • Follow the directions on the next page.
  • Once registered you will be redirected to the download page.
  • Choose a directory you want the program downloaded to. I suggest creating a download folder. The file name you will dowload is called ETutor3.exe.
  • Once downloaded, find the file and double click. An self-extract window will open. Click extract. (You can change the directory if you wish)
  • Program will extract and create an ETutor directory with all program files in it.
  • Go to the newly created ETutor directory. Double click the ETutor folder. You should see a folder called xtras. Do not remove or move any of these files, infact you don't even need to look in the folder. Also you will see the etutor3 application, a Readme file (read it) and a shortcut called Play ETutor.
  • Drag Play ETutor icon to the Desktop. This will give you easy desktop access to the etutor3.exe program.
  • Double click the shortcut or the etutor3 application to run the program.


Mac Directions:

File is self-extracting and will create a HD folder called etutor3.

  • Follow the first three items above.
  • Please be sure your computer meets system requirements .
  • Open the etutor3 folder. Eutor3demo.pkg is the program file.
  • Create an alias for etutor3.pkg and drag to the desktop for easy program access.
  • DO NOT remove or alter any files in xtras folder.

Order Download Version

$18 US

Online registration/ordering is available through a secure server.






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